The ViewerPane gets undesirable focus

I use a dual display to the left and a viewer pane to the right.

I want to be able to browse through the folders in the dual display using the keyboard. However if I alt+tab away from Dopus the ViewerPane gets the focus when I alt+tab back and hence I can no longer browse the folders by the keyboard.

The viewer pane also gets undesirable focus the first time you visit a pdf file.

I have experienced the problems on three different computers - it would be nice with a fix of the problems or an explicit mode where the viewer pane only gets focus when I press a hotkey (it is seldom I need focus in the viewer pane).

Disabling the focus entirely from the viewer pane would also be a nice quick fix.

The other problem is probably fixable but it's unlikely we can stop ActiveX controls (like the Adobe PDF viewer) from taking the focus when they're activated since it seems to be part of how they work.

yeah you might be right my knowledge about ActiveX is limited. I just thought that Dopus received a SetFocus message which it could ignore if it did not fit into the logic of Dopus.

For focus problems involving the viewer pane, test with a plain text file that appears in the standard text viewer. If the problem doesn't happen in that case, but does with a pdf, then it's caused by the pdf viewer (ie acrobat reader).

Yes a plain text viewer pane also steals focus when I alt+tab away and back.

Even if I delete a file (using delete key on keyboard) a plain text viewer pane steals focus. Probably due to the confirmation dialog.

Ok, well that shouldn't be happening. I'll take a look.