Theme for Italian User....and not only

One theme for all italian user..

Other screenshot available HERE

I've used the same toolbar present in THIS POST (Thanks)

Ps. Prima di installare il file di configurazione ,se non lo avete già fatto,convertire il programma in italiano.Se lo fate dopo ho notato che alcuni file personalizzati vengono sovrascritti.(Per esempio le Impostazioni di "Tipi Di File")

:warning: Warning: :warning:
The download includes both a Theme (.dlt file) and a full Configuration Backup (.ocb file).

Unlike themes (.dlt files), configuration backups replace your entire configuration. Installing a configuration backup will change every single Opus setting, and all your toolbars, folder formats, etc., to the ones saved in the file by the author.

If you only want to affect visual settings then do not install configuration backups; only install actual theme files (.dlt).

If you install the .ocb file be sure to backup your own configuration first so that you can go back to it. Use Settings -> Backup & Restore to create a backup of your configuration.[/b]

Directory Opus Italy Theme.rar (925 KB)

This is not an Opus theme - it's an exported Opus config file.

Update the file now it contains 2 file.One is the theme and the other is full Opus Config File.I task that now is all ok

Ok - I've modified the admin note in the initial post to reflect this.

One theme to rule them all
One theme to find them
One theme to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them!

Master said theme... Master LIED. Filthy, tricksy, FALSE... ~gollum... gollum~