Theme Installation Help Please?

I am an Opus 8 User and love it. I would love to use some of these themes.

I have downloaded several.

I am sorry for being so dense but could someone direct me to a set of instructions on how to install a theme. I just can't seem to find it and I don't want to experiment and screw up the software.

Tnx to All ..


Go to Settings / Lister Themes

There's lots of reasons to upgrade to a recent version of Opus btw. Many improvements and additions.

Have a look at

:smiley: OK .. I upgraded to V9.

I also downloaded several themes from this site.

If someone could direct me to instructions on how to install a theme after I unzip the downloaded file, it would be so appreciated.

Many Thanks.


Go to Settings / Lister Themes and then click File -> Import.

:astonished: OK .. got it ... now I understand ... but ..

Some Zips I downloaded only contain .PNG files ... How do I use them?



PNG files are just images (like GIF or JPEG files).

You can use them as background images as described in this post:

HOW TO: Understand and Configure Background Images