Theme not applied to File Explorer

So I've been using DO for some time now with a theme active but this theme was restricted to DO alone and did not apply to Windows native File Explorer, well this has changed recently on my system after the most recent Windows 10 update and I don't know how. I would like to know how it was possible to apply the theme to File Explorer as I would have liked to have set this up with the theme and would now like to transfer the same setting to my other machines. Can someone explain how to change File Explorers visuals to the theme set by DO?

Opus has no connection to how File Explorer looks.

The Windows dark/light setting may be what you're looking for.

Well some how my Explorer has been skinned to use the same colors as DO. This happened directly after a recent Windows 10 update. I haven't made any changes or installed anything recently that could affect this while my laptop is using an identical set of settings and installations and it's still using the default Explorer skin.

I was thinking this was a feature from DO I couldn't manage to access as the default Explorer skin really clashes with the DO theme. All Explorer windows, menus and sub-menus now appear as though skinned by DO which is great I was hoping to learn how to set that so I can do the same on other devices.

It's nothing to do with Opus, sorry. Opus color settings don't affect anything else.

You've turned on the dark Windows setting.