Theme Question

Forgive me if I am being thick, being totally new to Opus, I have just (tuesday) installed Opus on my windoze 7 laptop, just one question (for Now) I have downloaded two themes and installed them according to documentation, but when I go to change the theme click apply opus restarts but the theme is still the same.

sure I have missed something

Which themes did you try?

Hi I don't know what happened, but my previous details wouldn't work, anyways I registered again using different details and here I am.

I just simply download a couple of skins Office 2003 green, now after getting back from a doctors appointment, I have been re-reading and take it that that theme is for older versions of D-opus, If that is correct forgive my stupidity. My apologies :blush:

Note to admins you can delete the account canaryyella

Note to self.. read things correctly

Themes for older versions should still work with newer versions.

Have a look in Preferences / Display / Images to see if the theme has added any images there. If it has, but they aren't appearing on your toolbars (or wherever) then it's likely your toolbars (etc.) are not set to use the standard images (e.g. "Standard Toolbar Image").

i.e. If the theme is changing an image which nothing in your config is actually set to use, then it'll look like the theme does nothing. Configure things to use that image and you should see it on them.

See this FAQ for more about background images: HOW TO: Understand and Configure Background Images

yep think I am getting the idea, never seen software with so many changeble settings, wow what a piece of work this is.

thanks for the help appreciated