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Theme switching per button possible? Can preview and meta data panes be controlled by file groups/folder formats?


Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:

After playing around a bit with DO12 and customize my installation quite a bit, there are only two things open on my "I would like that"-list I didn't manage to do - at least for now. And I know you guys like to have a separate topic for every question, but considering that this is just small random stuff and the answers will be probably very short, I thought that would be more of a bad idea in this case. Sorry.

  1. I have two themes. A normal theme and a dark theme. While it's not a big thing to create a button to the theme manager and switch them there, I was wondering if I can set a theme directly because, actually, the only thing I need is a quick toggle between normal theme and dark theme. However, I have found nothing about that in at online help, here in the forums or even with google. Actually, not even questions about it...

  2. I like the preview and the meta data panes, however, I just don't need them sometimes. For me, personally, for example the meta data pane is very useful when sorting my images, but when I browse my download folder with mostly archive files, I don't see much use for it. The same goes to a lesser extent for the preview pane in other situations. I can, of course, make a button for it (and I actually did), but since I heavily modified DO's "File Types" and "Folder Format" settings I actually already have a solid baseline where I would need these panes and where I won't need them, so I wonder if there aren't some settings I missed to just tell opus based on these folder formats to show or hide stuff like these panes.

Thank you :slight_smile:


You could use Lister Styles to combine Folder Formats and Panes.


Thanks for your response.
I could, however, since I, as far as I know, can't change the Lister Style automatically based on folder formats either, that wouldn't help much in this case. Lister Styles are useful in a lot of scenarios, but as far as I see not when you just try to automate things.


Yes, that's right. The only thing I can think of for further automation is a scripting event like OnAfterFolderChange. But the trigger would be indirect via path, not via folder format.

Still a good idea to tie the panes to the folder formats, you'd get my vote for a feature request :slight_smile:


Lets say I will make a "full featured" feature request out of this... after you mentioned the Lister Styles here, I'm unsure if it would be better to suggest an option to tie a Lister Style to a Folder Format (which can do everything I want with the mentioned panes and more) or to "just" suggest the option to tie meta- and preview pane to a Folder Format (which is less flexible, of course, but totally is enough for my needs). What do you think?


Lister Styles combine Folder Formats and Panes, so changing/activating them based on Folder Formats might create unwanted side effects such as recursing loops. Having a Folder Format activate a Pane will probably cause fewer conflicts. I'd assume the cleanest way would be an OnFolderFormatChange event. That keeps Folder Formats and Panes independent from each other while offering all the flexibility of scripting.

But hey, a pane is usually just a keystroke away, so we are discussing some quite first world problems here :smiley:


It'd be better to follow that rule than say you know about it but then ignore it. :slight_smile: The reasons for it are explained in detail in the FAQ, but using this thread as an example, anyone who only cares about question 1 and finds the thread via searching now has to wade through 5 posts that have nothing to do with it to see if there is any discussion of it...

I don't think there is a one-click way to load a theme, at least currently. You could do it by loading an entire config backup (which can be done with one click), but I think that would be a pain to maintain as you would need to keep re-saving the backups for both themes every time you modified any part of your config or toolbars.

I think there are a couple of example scripts that let you run different commands when entering/leaving specified folders. That would be the way to do it, at least currently.

We can turn toolbars on and off via folder formats, so turning panels on and off isn't out of the question, but also isn't possible right now, without some kind of script.

You could make the script decide what to do based on which toolbars are visible, as a way to indirectly control things via folder formats. That might make sense if you also have some special toolbars/buttons/menus which you also only want in the same folders (or only want everywhere but those folders).


We sure do. This whole topic discusses very minor stuff. However, I like it to be able to automate things. I like to give a ruleset and then the software does as much steps as possible automatically. I mean, even if we talk about very minor things, at the end being able to do things easier, faster or more efficient is probably the reason to use a different file manager in the first place. And DOpus already offers a huge bunch of automatism options.

Point taken, sorry :slight_smile: However, to my defense, at least a tiny bit: I didn't expect any real discussion here, I expected more like two "not possible at the moment" answers and done.

This would be a nightmare, especially at a point where you still change some things in your config almost daily. However it may be an option at some point in the future when I'm done with configurating anything at all :wink:

I would be interested in that. I have nothing against a bit of scripting at all, however, I would need to use folder types and not specfic folders as an argument - using fixed folder names or folder paths would make this a nightmare to maintain, especially on a portable installation. Any hint where to start with this? Guess I should check out the Buttons/Scripts section a bit more for now.