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Themes don't get applied to the Find/Synchronize/... utililty panel

Hi all,

There are some great themes submitted here, thanks to all the contributors for sharing. Having tried a few of the dark themes (naturally !) I've finally plumped for one in particular.

However, in trying out all these various themes, none of them get applied to the Find/Synchronize/... utility panel, which still displays as it did with the vanilla DOpus installation with a [now disturbingly bright,] light background for all the controls and the menus, etc.

I assume there's probably a setting I can alter which would apply the theme to absolutely everything but I can't see anything suitable anywhere in the settings.

Would someone kindly point me in the right direction, please.


Maybe in the future, but that panel uses your Windows system-wide colors at the moment.

I can accept that for things like the Preferences dialog, but the utility panel is a fundamental part of the every-day User Interface; it should adapt to the applied theme.