There is not enough space on the disk (112)


I have encountered this error a number of times and I believe it to be a Windows issue (I am running Windows 7 64bit). I am trying to copy a 5.56GB file onto a pen-drive that Windows (and DOPUS) tell me there is nearly 14GB free but after copying about 4GB of the file DOPUS reports there is not enough space but the properties of the pen-drive says there is still 13.6GB free!

Could it be that the file system of the pen-drive is FAT32?

I have attached screen shots to show the issue.

Thanks in advance.


FAT32 has a 4GB limit per-file. If you dont want to reformat the drive you could use the Split command to split the file into 2 parts.

Thanks for the quick reply Jon!

It would be good if DOPUS could display a more informative message if it can detect the drive is FAT32 and it is trying to copy a 4GB file onto it.