Things I couldn't figure out

I migrated from [redacted], got used to some things and now trying to replicate them in DOpus.

Search in a separate window

I configured a separate lister with find utility panel and a single pane to display results, is it possible to create a command that will get currently selected found item and browse to it in another (default) lister? Preferably in already opened tab. Currently I have to copy path manually.

Also I would like to make a hotkey that will open selected item in text editor with current content search string as a command line parameter (I need to find editor that supports it first... As I understand, DOpus doesn't have a built-it one. [redacted] does have it and last search string is automatically available there).

Lister state

Is it possible to save each lister automatically on exit? For example, I have 2 lister layouts saved (containing one lister each): Main and Search. I open Main layout, do some changes to opened folder tabs, then open Search and accidentally close Main, all the changes there are lost. Current lister state is saved only when option to autosave default lister on close is enabled, but there can only be one default, so in my case Search becomes the default one and modified Main is discarded.

Quick contents preview of any file

Text plugin can only load whole files and has a size limit, so I'm already writing a plugin that can load N first bytes of a file and display them as text/hex in viewer pane (I also added file type detection using libmagic :slightly_smiling_face:). But DOpus doesn't update viewer when I switch between panes in dual mode using Tab or mouse (with "Allow file selection when clicking..." option disabled).

Viewer pane can only be opened to the right? What about left side? :slight_smile:

This is 5 different questions. Please Ask one question per thread. Please also avoid references to competing software, since we haven't used it and it doesn't help us understand what's being described.

go opencontainer new will do that.

Change the new to newtab or newtab=findexisting if you'd rather open a new tab instead of a whole new window.

There's no way to do that at the moment. (I usually do this the other way around: Most text editors let you search a folder for contents and then cycle through the results or open them all at once.)

You could do that using a script which handles the lister-closing event, checks if the lister came from a layout, and saves the layout if so. (This would cause problems if you have any multi-window layouts, unless the script was made to only do it for certain layouts while ignoring others, which would be easy enough.)

We can help write the script if needed, if you link your account.

That's how it works by default. The viewer responds to clicks on files, but if you just change which side is active it has no effect.

You could use a script to change this if you wanted to, since there's an event to detect the source/dest sides changing and a command to load a specified file into the viewer. As above, we can help write the script if you link your account.

The viewer can open on the right or on the bottom, but not on the left.

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Why? Viewer does not correspond to currently selected file in a focused window, that's not a feature...

Feature :slight_smile:

Evaluation. I can write myself if such script is possible.

It's just the way it works. The viewer responds to file selection events, not activation changes.