"This PC" significant lag (Opus & Explorer)

When clicking on "This PC" or COmputer to get to the listing of all drives, it takes about 30 seconds to list my drives which only total 4. It feels like the software is searching for something as it fills the horizontal bar stating "Reading Folder"

I have not made any significant changes to the computer beyond windows 10 updates and wondering what could be causing the problem. Once the drives are listed, I can instantly access all of the data with no lag time so I am wondering if there is an index file for the main root directory or something similar that has been corrupted?

A little more info....some of my favorites keyboard shortcuts are "greyed" out and no longer work. I'd been using them for many years but now several of them do not function and I also cannot change them; when I attempt to change them and click on save, they change back to what the original, non-functional preset was.

Does the same thing happen in This PC when looking at it via File Explorer?

(Make sure the test is done in the same situation where it would be slow in Opus. e.g. Right after rebooting, if that is when it happens, without listing the drives in any other program. If listing the drives once makes it fast after that, then listing them in Opus first may invalidate the test.)

Yes it does. It takes about 15 seconds for the list to initially load in program, but once it is "read" initially in either program, the other program can read the list of drives immediately. Sounds like a windows problem huh?

Yes, can't be an Opus problem if it happens everywhere.

In Opus, could you post a screenshot of your Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders settings?

We might be able to use them to narrow down the cause.

It could be something simple, like a drive going to sleep and taking a long time to wake up when looked at, or a network connection added below This PC which takes a while to timeout.

Nothing that to try turning off, which leaves the harder stuff.

I would try using a tool like Process Monitor to see what is being accessed during the delay.