Three bugs of DOpus 12.11

1.Flat view button.Loops directly on only two buttons, except for Mixed (No folders). I corrected the execution code:

@toggle:if Set FLATVIEW=Toggle
@icon:flatviewmixed,Set FLATVIEW=Mixed
@icon:flatviewmixednofolders,Set FLATVIEW=MixedNoFolders

@if:Set FLATVIEW=Grouped
@if:Set FLATVIEW=Mixed
Set FLATVIEW=On,MixedNoFolders
@if:Set FLATVIEW=MixedNoFolders
Set FLATVIEW=On,Grouped
The function is now normal.

2.After I select File display mode as Details + Thumbnails, I can't change back to Power mode directly.

3.After I registered, the file search could not be used. The previous search function not only searched for file names but also searched for content, which gave me a big surprise. It is so awkward now.

  1. Not a bug. The default top-level toolbar button is only meant to cycle through:

    • Off
    • Mixed
    • Grouped

    That's intentional. If you want the lesser-used Mixed (No Folders) mode, it's in the right-click menu of the same button, or under Folder > Flat View next to it.

    Cycling through four modes seemed overkill and made it a pain to turn off Flat View.

  2. Details + Thumbnails isn't really a separate display mode. It's just the Details display mode with the Thumbnails column added.

    We should perhaps make the Power Mode button remove the thumbnails column, if it's there, like the Details one does. But then if you wanted Power + Thumbnails, it would make life quite difficult, so I'm not sure that'd make sense as on the default toolbars. (Adding an additional Power + Thumbnails mode could be done, but I think is clutter.)

    People who use Power Mode can edit the toolbars to work as they wish.

  3. Which search are you using?

    The search field at the top right of the window passes the query to Windows Search. What happens is then entirely up to it.

    The Tools > Find Files panel uses Opus's own functionality, and has separate fields for searching filenames and contents.

    Which file contents are searched (and how well they are searched) can come down to which IFilters are installed, as well.

  4. ( Please Ask one question per thread :slight_smile: )

Sorry, I have asked too many questions without seeing the requirements of the forum.

  1. I understand, but I think Mixed (No folders) button is more useful.

2.However, After I select File display mode as Details + Thumbnails, I can change back to Details Mode directly. Just like the normal Details Mode, Power Mode does not. I usually change to Details Mode first, then change to Power Mode, which is more troublesome.

3.DOpus' own search function, search for text directly in File Display Windows.
The address bar flashes and stops, without any search results.