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Three Buttons can't convert back to single regular button

So I've made a "Three Button" and later decided that I don't need the extra features of its sub-buttons and wanted to convert it back to a regular button (I've deleted the extra buttons). I've unchecked the "Three Button" checkmark, but the button still remains the "Three Button" -- seems like a bug?

I know I can just move the desired remaining sub-button out and call it a day, but still weird.

It seems to work OK here.

If the old three-button only has one button inside of it, turning off the Three-Button option should convert it back into a normal single button.

If the old three-button has more than one button inside of it, turning off the option should convert it into a menu containing the inner two or three buttons.

It seems an issue occurs if you remove all the sub-buttons from it and then deactivate the "Three Button" checkbox -- it will be deactivated, but the button will remain an empty "Three Button".

If you remove all three of the sub-buttons so it's completely empty?

Hmm, I didn't try that, but I guess it could convert it into a button with no command or something. But why would you delete all three inner buttons if you wanted to keep any aspect of the old button?

I've either moved the desired sub-button out and deleted the others, or (more likely) I've copied the code of one sub-button to the clipboard and deleted all of them, planning to paste the code into a parent button (wanted to reuse it since it had a relevant icon already set from before) once it's no longer a Three Button.

If you delete or move the unwanted ones out and then turn off the Three Button, you'll already have the desired single button without having to copy and paste anything.

(If you've moved the desired button out, then you already have that, and would just delete the old Three Button.)

Ah I see it's actually converted to a menu if it has no more children. That's what got me confused.

Thanks Leo!

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