Three Buttons get lost when restarting

Hi, I set up a drive bar by following one of the tutorials. I got it working really well with lots of extra bits and directories all set up, but when I restart my system or just DOpus itself, all the Three Buttons options have become deselected and it is no longer easy to navigate and select drives and drive paths.

I can reset them to work for my current session by going to Customise and right clicking each button and selecting Three Buttons again, but they just get lost again when restarting.

Any ideas anyone, searched the forums but none the wiser.

DOpus 9 latest updates done to date. XP Pro SP2

If you type /dopusdata into the location field, do you have write access to that directory? Are the files in it all read-only?

Hi Nudel
I have checked /dopusdata, there are two files in the root, dopus.dat has h & s set, userdata.omd has a set as do all the files in all the sub directories.

Any other ideas?


Maybe it's something to do with the button/toolbar itself. If you go into the Buttons subdirectory there should be a .dop file with the name of the toolbar. Could you zip that up and attach it? I'll take a look at it and see if the same problem happens here.

File attached (1.82 KB)

Do any changes stick? Eg, go into Customize mode and just drag a button into a different position, then exit and see if the change is remembered after a restart.

Hi Jon
Yes, I just dragged some buttons around and they stay where I left them, but the Three Buttons setting is lost again after restarting.


Here's a modified version of the toolbar which seems to have fixed the problem. I renamed it to Drives-TA1_mod so it won't overwrite your current version. Double-click the .dop file to import it into you configuration dir.

Somehow the three-buttons/menus did not have a button type set on them in the XML. This seemed to confuse Opus and meant it would not save the type for those buttons even if it was changed. I manually edited the XML to specify types for the buttons and it seems to work fine now.

If you can remember how you created the buttons or work out a reproducible sequences that triggers the problem, let us know. Either way, the toolbar should be fixed now, which is the important thing.

BTW, I noticed that your three-buttons have menus for the right-mouse actions. You may notice some odd behaviour from those menus as menus inside of three-buttons aren't really supported. (Opus won't stop you dragging a menu into a three-button, but maybe it should...) The problems are mainly cosmetic, as I remember, so if they seem to work okay then keep using them; just thought I'd warn you that they might not.

Here's the toolbar: (1.73 KB)

I thank you so much for fixing that.

As for how I did it I wouldn't have a clue! I followed the tutorial a few weeks ago and I think it was written for an older version of DOpus? So I think I had to experiment a bit at times. I'll see if I can replicate it when I have some time.

As for the other problem you mention about my Three-Buttons having menus for the right-mouse actions, I'm having trouble understanding what you mean. Before you fixed my drive-bar, when I left-clicked on a drive a menu would drop down, but I cannot see anything happening or associated with a right-click? Can you give me a clue what to look for and could this be what caused the problem with the tool bar in the first place?

Thanks again

If you look at your S: button, for example, the right-click action inside of it is a menu, inside of which is a command which goes to S:\Fonts, and then a command which generates a list of recent paths on S:\ (if I remember correctly).

Sorry, I may be misunderstanding something here, but isn't this what is suggested in the tutorial called Triple Drive Buttons (How to lose the tree) (step-by-step)?

From about half way down it shows how to do this, it's written for DOpus 8 but that part of my tool bar was, I thought, okay?

Sorry if I need something really simple explaining, but I though I had this part understood.


You're right. I had never read the whole thing so didn't realise it recommended that until now. :slight_smile: I've a short message to the top of the tutorial warning that menus in three-buttons can produce some odd behaviour.