Three Pane Lister?

Is there a way to make a three pane Lister? I need a third pane to stop me from opening a second DO window.

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Not within a single lister. You can, however, drag out a tab as your third pane, arrange your layout, like a dual lister on the upper side, and a single one below, and save them via > Preferences > Lister layouts > save all listers.

To open that layout, make a button Prefs Layout=Threepane, or whatever name you have given that layout, to launch this configuration, or choose it from your > Preferences > Lister Configurations menu.

You can then drag items between all windows, or use your shortcuts, which will work like usual between your source and destination panes.


What a splendid idea! Kudos :smiley:

Thank you for your suggestion. I must be doing something wrong. As soon as I begin to drag the tab a circle with a line through it appears telling me I can't do that.

It has to be dropped on to the Windows desktop. If another window is there it won't let you split it via dragging.

An alternative way to split a tab into a new window can be accessed via right-clicking the tab.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I can't make this work so will just stick with tabs in one of the panes.

It could be offered like this (with obviously fewer panes).

I really think DO should offer 3 and even 4 pane listers. I suspect this would be easy to develop.


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Great solution re three panes! However - Having toolbars and menus takes up a lot of valuable space when stacking lister windows. I can hide menus/toolbars, but they come back when I open the layout again. To be able to save the no toolbars/menu version, I need the menu open - a catch 22 situation! Unless I customise and put a "Save all listers" icon in the main header bar. Is there another way to save all listers when the menu is hidden?

Hotkeys! Hotkey for "Save All Listers" Hotkeys to toggle some or all toolbars on and off. Hotkeys to call up specified lister layouts.

Genius - great idea. Thanks!

How would I toggle the main menu (File, Edit,..) on/off using a command/hotkey?
How would I toggle a particular toolbar on/off using a command/hotkey?
(I was able to setup a hotkey to close all listers and Save all listers.)

A button with a hotkey as follows by way of an example of toggling two toolbars at once, one horizontal, one vertical:

Toolbar NAME="Your toolbar name 1" STATE=top LINE 1 Toggle
Toolbar NAME="Your toolbar name 2" STATE=center Toggle

Thanks. I used LINE 0 to place the toggled menu at the top of Lister window. BUT, how do I enter two lines of code in the Hotkey code box? Enter just exits the box. Also, How do I make the hotkey apply to a particular lister if I have several open? It seems to apply to the first lister opened by default.

In Opus 12, click Advanced to enter the advanced function editor to allow multiline commands.

How do I make the hotkey (e.g. to toggle a toolbar on/off) apply to a particular lister if I have several open?

Activate the lister before running the hotkey.

How? I have two listers in a layout, call them top and bottom. I clicked on the "bottom" lister, but the hotkey still only toggled the menu in the "top" lister

That's odd. The button works fine here, just as expected. On the contrary, I wouldn't know how to toggle a toolbar on a different lister without a script.