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Thumbnail Appearance - hot switch from landscape to portrait


Now I have to admit defeat as I dont know where to start with writing a script based on my needs.

I am trying to find a way to create a shortcut to allow me to hotswitch from a landscape resolution to a portrait and back again without having to manually change resolution within thumbnails/apperance.

I'm sure this is possible and somebody may already have a script but I would really appreciate help with this.

Many thanks

Something like this:

@if:Show THUMBNAILSIZE=256,150
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Thankyou Leo for the quick response.

Excuse my newbness but what would be the best way to implement that now into directory opus to include a shortcut button.

Appreciate your help

How's how to use the commands to create a toolbar button:

If you want a hotkey, you can assign one in the button editor, or create a standalone hotkey via Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys using the same commands.

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Thankyou Leo, that was much easier than expected.

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