Thumbnail caching dir not working if drive is encrypted


I run drivecrypt as well as bestcrypt on my system. Both systems use virtual drives when mounting a container or partition. on my system e:\ is a mounted encrypted HD. I go to the thumbnail prefs and change the default dir to e:\temp. However the cache information never shows up. It only works on real physical drives.

Perhaps... If e:\ is not mounted it would put the thumb cache info to a default location and if the dir e:\temp is mounted, then it writes/reads the cache information there. Right now, it gives me the option to select the drive and folder but it wont write anything there.

Any ideas?

I'd suggest not telling Opus to write cache files to locations which don't always exist. :slight_smile:

Presumably you're aiming to put the thumbnail cache in an encrypted place, in which case having it sometimes written to a non-encrypted place would completely defeat the purpose (not to mention confuse Opus, since the thumbnail cache would sometimes be in one place and other times be in another).

i agree.. however, when i boot my system the first thing i do is decrypt my drives and what not... i dont use DO to do that as i woul dhave to close and restart it after for my program icons on the application bar to show up, so i use windows explorer. When I open DO for the first time, e:\temp is there, so there is no reason why DO should not allow me to write the cache information there.

It seems that this issue has been fixed. I also set my thumbnail cache to a directory inside a Bestcrypted drive which I always mount right after starting Windows.

I was in Linux when I read this post so I rebooted back into Windows, mounted the drive and there were some thumbnail database files in the directory. Then checked DO settings and it reported something like 400kB of thumbnails cached so it was working fine.

I'm not sure what DO would do if I tried to browse thumbnails without the container being mounted... anyway, I think I'll just move DO to the encrypted drive and autostart it when the container is mounted... :slight_smile: