Thumbnail Colour View Of Image & RAr Zip Files Issue


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Just crawling our way through Directory Opus havent had the chance to run yet. LOL

Anyway how do we change the Thumbnail View colour as when we select the image we get a blue colour over the image as we want it to be transparent and get the full capacity of the image.

The other issue we have that Dopus that we cant extract and see the rar zip files for some reason.

Using the lastest ver

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You could play around with the settings in -> preferences -> display -> options, which change the colors & opacity of selected items. There is no separate setting for thumbnails, but they get affected by the changes as well.

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For the RAR stuff, these two things from the FAQs should help:
[ul][li]Make RAR files open in Opus when double-clicked
[li]RAR extract context/drag&drop menus.[/li][/ul]


Steve sorry for posting more than one question in the thread but grandma always said better off killing two birds with one stone. LOL

Anyway still having issues trying to fix the colour overlay on the thumbnail view have been over the setting many times and making adjustments but with no luck more help needed.

Here is a screen shot that might help us on the right path.





Selected thumbnails are tinted with what I think is the system-wide Selected Items colour (which can be changed via the Window Color and Appearance control panel in Vista/7).

There's no way to specify no colour at all, though. You could set it to a grey colour so it only changes the brightness of the selected images and not the colours but I think that's it.

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The thumbnails are blended with the standard system highlight colour when selected. There's no way to disable this.


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Now that sorts that issue out. Time to move onto the rar and lets see how we go.

You guys hit one bird but with two stones. LOL :smiley: