Thumbnail Generation of Password-Protected Zip Files!


It seems the authors overlooked the case of genertaing thumbnail view of zip files and some files were password protected.

So, if you switch the view of a folder to thumbnail view and this folder happened to have some password-protected zip files, then dopus is gonna prompt you for password once for each zip file and once for each file inside the zip file.

That is, if you have 5 password-protected files each contains 10 files, then you're gonna be prompted 55 times, oh no and without a "Skip All" option, you're screwed!!!

So, I hope the authors put this case into consideration and don't prompt for password during thumbnail generation or at least put a switch to turn this feature on or off.

[s]I can't reproduce this. I made a password-protected zip containing a few images, using Opus, and when I switch the folder containing it to thumbnails mode I don't see any prompts. Opus displays a zip-folder thumbnail without any images within it as you'd expect.

By any chance do you have the test 7-zip plugin installed? That takes over zip handling when enabled and would explain why we see different things.[/s]

Edit: Nevermind, I can reproduce it now. Not sure what's different yet but looking at it.

Edit 2: Worked out what triggers it now, too.