Thumbnail labels - dimensions/colors info

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I've recently started scanning images at 16bits/color for some files. I've noticed that thumbnail labels don't reflect the higher bit count value. I do see 48bits (16bit x3 for RGB) shown in the cursor flyover info and in the metadata panel, just not the thumbnail view labels.

Am I missing something in a setting somewhere (or just doing something wrong?).

Thanks for any help you can provide


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Thumbnails only (optionally) adds width, height and file size under each file. (Edit: And bit depth, it turns out! See below.)

You can use Tiles mode if you want a thumbnail next to information of your choice. That will let you show the bit depth next to each file.

It can also be shown in Info Tips (on hover, only one file at a time), or you could group the files by depth to separate them out.

Labels could also color thumbnails and/or labels, depending on their depth. (Best done just in that folder rather than as a global label, so you don't have the performance hit of the files all being inspected in every other folder.)

Hi Leo, and thanks for the reply... Can you tell me what I'm seeing in the clip uploaded? The second line of the label under the thumbnails is what I'm referencing. Is that what you're calling tiles mode? I see it as Thumbnails view mode up in the top menu bar (sorry if my terminologies aren't quite right).

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Oh, no, that's thumbnails mode. So it does show bit depth.

(I was going by what you said, without checking it, as it sounded plausible we wouldn't show bit depth there!)

Are you saying the bit depth is shown but incorrect for some files? If so, please send us an example file. (Zip it so the forum doesn't modify the file, which it will do for image formats.)

Leo, the file is uploaded. It should show in that second label line as (987x660x48). As I mentioned earlier the metadata panel and cursor info tips both show it correctly.

Please let me know if I can provide anything else...

Cliff (3.6 MB)

Many thanks! The bit depth wasn't being fed through properly to the thumbnail labels for some TIFF images. We've fixed that for the next update.

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Thank you Leo, I'll be looking forward to it when the next release comes out!