Thumbnail mode not remembered

So, I have a Default lister folder format set to "Details". I have and a layout in which I try to use different folder formats (I'm unsuccessful so far for the past 2h).

One issue which I have noticed is that if I switch to Thumbnail mode when I'm somewhere in My Computer virtual folder and then I go to check out the Libraries folder, it has switched back to Details (the default) mode. And vice-versa. If I switch to Thumbnail mode while in Library, if I go back to something in My Computer it has switched back to Details. There is no such switch going on if I just browse in depth in these virtual folders.

I have no Favourites, Content, nor Path folder formats. I have unchecked almost all Folder Type formats.

So, what's going on? How I can force this separate layout to have specific, unchanging folder format (thumbnails mode), independent of the Default format?

Thank you.

The advanced folder formats FAQ explains in detail, but the short answer is that you should turn on the Format Lock in the status bar if you want to change the display mode (e.g. to Thumbnails) and then have it kept that way even when changing to folders that would normally trigger a format change.

Layouts remember the state of the Format Lock at the time you save them.

The lock can be turned on via the padlock icon in the status bar, or via Folder > Format Lock in the default menus.

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Thank god! I somehow understood that this icon is per folder or does not relate to the view mode. Moreover, the most confusing was that this "switch" was occurring only when I was going between Libraries <-> My Computer, I didn't expect this to have some "special" handling.