Thumbnail plugins for Canon RAW files supported?

I am a registered user of DirectoryOpus 6 and am considering the upgrade to DirectoryOpus 8.

There is one thing that I need confirmed before I upgrade..

I am a semi-pro photographer and need support for thumbnails display of Canon 20D RAW (.CR2) images.

There are various plugins for Windows Explorer that allow this to be accomplished when using Windows Explorer in thumbnail mode. However, these do not work in/with DirectoryOpus.

Can anyone confirm if this has changed with DirectoryOpus 8?

Here is one of the Explorer plugins so that, if you wish, you can test:

If you need some Canon .cr2 files for testing, please let me know and I will supply some.

Thanks in advance,

Ray A. Akey

I'm sorry, but CR2 Images aren't currently supported as far as I know.
I use a Minolta A1 and would like to have support for the Minolta Raw Image Format Mrw.

The simple fact is that with large file sizes, it takes a long time to process the data.

I'd prefer to see Lurawave or Jpeg2000 first.


Leo is planning to write a RAW plugin but there's no schedule for it as yet.

However Opus will support third party thumbnail extensions if you turn on the 'Use shell image extraction' option in Thumbnail Preferences. This should let you use your existing Explorer plugins to provide thumbnails for RAW images.

Hi HMetal,

I have written a DOpus plugin which utilizes the GFL graphics library. It only works with DOpus 8 upwards and I'm not sure if it supports Canon RAW images.

If you send me a couple of RAW images along with JPEG copies as well (so I can see if the image is rendered properly), I will check it with the plugin and get back to you.

I'll PM you with my e-mail address.