Thumbnail viewing is really slow

I'm using v (I haven't upgraded because every time I try, things get screwy and I have to downgrade).

When I use the thumbnail view to see all my jpgs in any folder, it is really slow to display the thumbnails. And they don't even try to display until I scroll up/down and see the file in DO. The thumbnails don't automatically load for the whole folder I'm looking at when I open the folder.

Copying is really slow, too. When I try to copy files from one hd/partition to another, it's painfully slow even though I have a 100mb/s throughput. Other non-DO transfers go much more quickly.

What's going on? Any suggestions?


Screwy in what way? Upgrading shouldn't cause any problems unless something is wrong already...

Turn on Preferences, Listers, Thumbnails, Load all thumbnails in a folder automatically.

Also, if you have a hyperthreading CPU or have more than one CPU, turn on Use multiple threads to generate thumbnails.

Make sure thumbnail caching is also enabled and set to work on the type of devices you're using.

It might be worth trying a different buffer size in Preferences, File Operations, Copying (2). The default is 64Kb but sometimes certain devices/drivers work better with a larger buffer.

Slow copying could be the result of anti-virus software conflicting with the way Opus copies files, but I'm not aware of that happening.

It may also be worth turning off Show progress bar speed timer in case the extra graphics operations caused by updating the dialog during copying are causing problems. If that does fix it, though, there is something very wrong with your graphics card and/or drivers, but I have seen at least one system where the extra graphics calls did cause problems so it's worth a quick try.