Thumbnails 64PX Not being saved

Good morning everyone,
After a lot of frustration I have decided to create an account on this forum to see if anyone would be kind enough to explain to me if this is an issue or I am doing something wrong. I am self taught mostly on this software and I can´t live without it now.

I have a folder which I have changed the view to THUMBNAILS and SET their size to 64PX on the bar on top. This folder gets saved any other way but not on this thimbnail size, it will always revert back to the original 256. Locking it wont work, saving it under folder options is the same. Is there a way to lock the size of the thumbnails and saved them?

Best regards,

If you want to change the default thumbnail size for all folders, you can do that via Preferences.

If you only want 64x64 thumbnails in one particular folder, that isn't something you can do by default, but it can be done using a script:

Hey Leo thank you very much for the quick answer! I will have a look at the preferences. I will try and decrese the size for the default thumbnail size, THEN apply the thumbnail view to that folder to see if that works. Appreciate your reply.