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Thumbnails display out of folders



Look, thumbnails are display out of folders or in the corners.


Do you need to do anything special to make it happen? (It has never happened here so far.)

What are the settings under:

  1. Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails.
  2. Below the same place, the folder thumbnail settings dialog.
  3. Any non-default thumb settings under Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced (if you type thumt into the filter at the bottom left, it will highlight them in red; any non-default ones will also be in bold).


Nothing special to do, just enable thumbnails with this button :

Set VIEW=Cycle,Thumbnails,Details




I noticed the same above mentioned problem while using 12.7.2. Went back to 12.7 and the problem went away.

I also noticed that folder.jpg was being ignored (not displayed) by folder Info Tip hovers as well. If no folder.jpg was in the folder, it would still create the auto thumbnails, but some would look off like the problem above. If I turned thumbnails view on, folder.jpg would get picked up and displayed (If I remember correctly).

None of my thumbnail options have changed (I’m guessing) in years.

Windows 7 x64


amiga_icon_borders = false
cd_thumb_coverart_file = coverart.jpg
max_folder_thumb_time = 5000
max_thumbnail_mem_size = 0
max_thumbnail_size = 512
no_folder_cd_thumbs = True
psd_image_preference = Small thumb for thumbs, Preview for viewer.
thumb_48x48_icons = False


Confirmed. I was testing with 12.7 beta, not the beta.

These problems and a couple of other related ones have been fixed for the next update.


Leo, problem is solved for thumbnails in Lister…


but not in tooltips…



Thank you, I missed that detail (and Crash’s one about folder.jpg in infotips) earlier in the thread.

So far we have fixed the issue shown in AlbatorV’s screenshot above for the next update.

Still looking at Crash’s issue, and some similar problems with Tiles and Details+Thumbnails modes.