Thumbnails filetype icon hidden but svn overlay still shows

I am using subversion heavily and it presents a little overlay on top of icons to indicate if a file is checked in, modified and so on. I also have a lot of 16x16 icons that I want to view as thumbnails and ofcourse the option to hide filetype icons on thumbnails is chosen so I can see them properly. The filetype icon would otherwise cover the small thumbnail. But here is the problem: Even if the filetype overlay on thumbnails is hidden the icon overlay from subversion still shows on top if the tiny thumbnail in the form of a small green checkmark and in this case covering alot of the image.

I wish the icon overlay was hidden as well as the filetype overlay when that option is selected.

See the picture.

Such an option would also disable all the system overlays for shortcuts, etc., since Opus does not know where the different overlays come from or what they mean.

If you still want that and link your account then we can look into adding it as option.

I have linked the account.

Yes I would like that, the option could be named "Also hide system overlays on small thumbnails" and be placed right after "Hide file type icon if thumbnail is to small" in File display modes->thumbnails.

I suppose it would be best if it only affected real files (files which render a real thumbnail) and not folders and shortcuts if possible.


The overlays can be very large (up to 1/4 the thumbnail size even for large thumbnails) so I'm tempted to make the option hide the overlays for everything. Or perhaps it could hide them for small thumbnails and force use of only the smallest overlay for large ones. I'll have a play with these ideas, although it won't happen in time for the very next beta.

Thank you, very satisfying response. I am a happy user! A long time ago I requested ctrl-mousewheel thumb scaling and now we got it. DirOpus is the best there is. Ever!