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Thumbnails Size per Folder path



Is it possible to set the size of thumbnails to be linked to a specific folder path. For example: if path =d:\user1\folder2* and below this path that when viewed in Thumbnails mode Thumbnails size=109 else Thumbnails size = default.



A script could do it in Opus 11. That's the only way, I think.


Where could I learn about the scripts that would enable me to do this?



Try this script:

With a command like:

Show THUMBNAILSIZE=source,255

I think that should work, at least as a starting point. It might need extending to be able to reset the size when going to other folders, or to have other sizes for other folders (if needed).

Thumbnail Size doesn't save when using Save Folder view settings

Another solution would be this script. The main difference being you add a file to the folder, instead of config in the script.