Hi guys,

I have created my default view in Dopus, and got pretty much everything the way i like it. Being a new user to Dopus, i have a couple of quick questions about image thumbnails and other media.

Firstly, i would like for whatever folder i am in to show thumbnails of images when i open the folder. On my right window, i like to use the List style view. But when i enter a folder, i would like it to change to a view to show thumbnails. And switch back to List view when a folder contains no images (if that is possible).

Lastly, is it possible to display media play buttons (play, pause, stop, etc.) when a folder contains audio?

Thank you for your help, i appreciate your time.


You can use the file type detection system, which you can configure in -> settings -> preferences -> folder formats -> file type formats). If you check the "images" box, set the threshold value (under -> edit -> options -> threshold), you should have a good starting point, if not already what you wanted (if you want the thumbnails mode even with only one image in a folder, you can set a very low threshold value, like 1%). In the same section you can configure various types of folders, like standard or local drives, where you can set them to show the list view.

No, those buttons are only available, if you use the preview panel. It canĀ“t be automatically triggered by visiting a music folder.

Hi, and thank you for your help. I have followed what you suggested, but im still only seeing the List view in my photography folder - it doesnt seem to be switching to Thumbnail view (around a hundred or so .JPG files (extension in caps for some reason!), with the treshold on 1%).

Do i need to restart Dopus / my PC for the changes to take effect?

Thanks again for your input.

Sorry. that i forgot to mention it, but you have to set the thumbnails view for the content type "images" in the second tab in
the menu path, of course.

Make sure Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Enable Folder Content Type detection for... is turned on for the type of drive you are looking at.

Nice one guys, thats working great!
Just what i was looking for!

Thanks for your help.