Thumbs.db files started appearing after 11.8->11.10 upgrade


I'm running the newly upgraded 11.10 on win 7 and just encountered a problem:

When I select a directory with an mp4 (video) file a Thumbs.db file will be created there and then in the directory.
If I try to delete the Thumbs.db file I get an error message about it being in use.

This is definitely a change in how things work as I do something like this every day and haven't encountered it until now.

If I do the same thing in windows explorer the Thumbs.db is not created.

Any clues?

Opus does not create that file directly; the Windows shell (and/or related components like Windows Media Center and Media Player) does. Nothing changed in 11.10 that would affect this.

Changes to your video codecs, or thumbnailing different files to those in the past, or changes to the Opus movie plugin configuration may explain the change

If you had system/hidden files hidden in the past but have recently set Opus to show them, that could also explain things.

If the folders are shared on a network, the thumbs.db files could ve gerated by something else, too.

Thanks for some clues!

Didn't expect it would be the simple solution, like you changed a preference default, or a code change etc.

Certainly I have changed nothing in Opus, apart from the version. No changes to video codec or any other change.

I don't use Windows Media Center or Media Player, but of course with windows there's probably a service or something going on under the covers.

Search doesn't reveal much except how mysterious it all is.

The Thumbs.db files are being generated on my NAS, so I will try the same files on my C/D drive.

Any idea how to narrow it down any further?

The files are part of the Windows thumbnail caching mechanism so it's best to accept they exist and configure Opus to hide them, then forget about them.

Using the global filtering options in Preferences is perhaps the best way to hide them from all folders at once.

I didn't explain myself very well, because it isn't about hiding these files. I can't now delete directories following what ever change has taken place because of the presence of these new Thumbs.db files because they seem to be in use by a process. As far as I can tell, I just upgraded to 11.10, rebooted, no other changes, and then experienced the problem.

I hope that's a bit clearer.


Since this is a general WIndows issue, If you google for thumbs.db in use or thumbs.db in use cannot delete there are lots of discussions about that problem and various suggestions (e.g. ways to stop the shell from caching thumbnails at all, if you wish).

If you have more than one machine accessing the NAS device, remember the thumbs.db files could be generated by one of the other machines, or even by more than one machine, so you might need to try changes on more than just the main PC.