Thycotic slow if Opus run at boot

I am DOpus 12.22 in Explorer replacement mode on my work WIndows 10 Ent laptop. I have never seen this problem before. We run a program called Thycotic to allow elevation of run certain programs, like mmc.exe. It opens a new prompt for credentials that it passes back to the Thycotic server to authenticate.

I have experiemented with turning DOpus off on bootup and the Thcotic program ran as expected. When DOpus runs after boot, this Thycotic plugin (add-on, or whatever) takes about 5 min before the login pops up.

Is there some timer or time out happening for this to be so delayed?

Any tips or insights would help,

What's the connection between Opus and Thycotic here?

If you're running Opus itself elevated, we advise against that.

If Thycotic is taking a long time to open sometimes, it's something you'd have to ask them about, as we couldn't tell you what their software might be waiting for. (Although you could try making some process snapshots of their process and dopus.exe which we could look at to see if either is waiting on anything that we recognise. I don't know why their software would interact with ours at all, though, if it only aims to elevate things.)

I don't run DOpus in elevated mode. We log into work computers as a normal user and we have different elevated accounts to execute certain programs. To start some programs, I have to right-click and select the Thycotic context menu to allow my admin account to give me permission to run the program. It is a lot like UAC, but our server dictates the policy on what we can run.

I just saw that Thycotic works fine when I boot with DOpus off, but the problem comes back when I boot with DOpus on.

I can def check with them also. I was hoping you had some insight, since I knew you would respond. Other supports... not so much.