Tile mode maximum thumbnail size

Thank you for your help, just a quick question. When I try to set thumbnail size above 256 for tile mode in preferences it simply adds more space between the tiles and does not make the actual tile thumbnails larger. Mind you I have max thumbnail size set to 512 in the settings and it functions perfectly in thumbnail mode. Is there anyway to get thumbnails larger then 256 in tiles mode?

What is your Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Limits]: max_thumbnail_size set to?

The other thing that can limit things is that some shell extensions or plugins for some generating thumbnails for some file types have a maximum size. If Opus gets back a thumbnail that's smaller than the requested size, it will display it as-is without enlarging it (since that usually looks bad).

Thanks for the response Leo

max_thumbnail_size is set to 512

I currently use Icaros to generate the thumbnails. The thing is, if I drag the file over the Icaros window to regenerate the thumbnail, it will show up correctly in directory opus when I have tiles set to sizes larger then 256. It's only when I navigate away and then come back to that file does it again show incorrectly. Even when I wiped the entire windows thumbnail cache and the Icaros Cache, the same behavior is exhibited. Thumbnails will be generated correctly for most files at above 256 the first time but then when I come back to the folder containing the file directory opus is displaying the thumbnails at a much smaller size. It's not remaking the thumbnails again either each time I come back to the directory. When I return to the directory it's clearly pulling from the cache as many videos files display their thumb instantly.

That sounds like the Windows thumbnail cache is maxing out at 255x255 (which I think it will do at standard DPI scaling, at least; using high DPI may increase it, as it does with Opus's own cache, but I'm not sure).

What happens in File Explorer? Or us 255x255 the max you can display there? (If it goes larger, check if the quality of the thumbnails reduces between initial generation and coming back to cached thumbs.)

Yeah, looks like the max zoom of windows explorer is slightly above 255x255. I used an on screen pixel ruler at max zoom and it came out to 272 x 277. Do note there are a few pixels of white space so the value isn't entirely accurate, I would say within 5 pxiels on both height and width. The actual thumbnail is likely 255 x 255.

I tried increasing the explorer thumbnail size with a registry hack, didn't do anything. Tried changing the "Change the size of text, apps, and other items" option in the windows display settings (DPI scaling), still nothing (thumbnail size was exactly the same).

Looking around forums (superuser, tenforums, reddit), seems like I'm not the only one with this issue. It's amazing to me that windows still doesn't cope well with higher resolution displays. I spent 2 hours looking for a way to increase the thumbnail size and there doesn't appear to be anything.

Any ideas Leo?

I think you would need to disable the shell's caching, if there's no way to increase its max size.

It is surprising it doesn't increase even in high DPI, but "extra large", the largest setting in File Explorer is tiny here (4K @ 200% scaling) and doesn't scale up with DPI, so that seems to be how it is.

Thumbs generated by the Opus Movies plugin won't be affected by the shell's cache limit, and the Opus thumbnail cache scales with DPI and can also be set to an arbitrary size. So enabling that to generate thumbnails may be a way to get larger ones, but would of course mean you're no longer using Icaros and its other benefits. Getting video codecs to work with our Movies plugin can be a bit of a pain at the moment as well, as the API it's based on seems to be half broken in Windows 10 (or just doesn't have codecs installed for it by default anymore, perhaps). (A new Opus-native Movies plugin is on our to-do list, but not imminent.)

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I can confirm that the Opus Movies plugin shows larger thumbnails perfectly. As you pointed out though, I love many of Icaros's features. Especially the option to display cover art as the file's thumbnail and the property handler that fixes metadata corruption issues with the stock windows one. Icaros also does a great job at picking the right frame to take a thumbnail of.

It's possible to disable thumbnail caching in windows? If I did so, what program would handle the caching? Icaros? I have the Icaros cache enabled but right now it only save thumbnails that windows looses.

I don't know, sorry.

I'll see if I can't find something. Thanks for your help Leo. I submitted a ticket to microsoft, it's unacceptable that this is an issue in 2019 with 4K monitors.

It seems to be possible to use the Icaros property handler with the directory opus movie plugin. The only problem I run into is that a majority of the thumbnails generated aren't very good and it won't display cover art for video files. Most of the thumbnails seem to be either during the opening theme of the TV Show or opening credits if it's a movie.

Media preview is completely defunt on windows 10 so really Icaros is the only shell extension of it's kind for the OS now.