Tiles Mode & Detail Mode Questions

I have a couple of questions about functions of the tile mode I'm not 100% are possible. Any help on answering them would be appreciated.

  1. How do you get Thumbnails in tile mode to scale up higher? Right now anytime I go above 260 x 145 for Thumbnail size, the Thumbnail doesn't increase in size, it simply adds more padding around the thumbnail.

  2. This one requires a bit of context. I have my title mode set to show ratings for video that are rated. The only problem is the rating stars do not appear until after I've rated the files. Is it possible to have the rating stars behave like they do in details mode where if the mouse is hovering over them you can apply a rating without having to go into the menu and apply it that way?

  3. Is it possible to have Title settings change on a per folder basis like other folder options?

On Details Viewer mode, is it possible to have the lister cascade files? It would be similar to list mode, only it would still show a handful of columns to the right of the filename. As is stands right now, I don't have enough columns to fill all the empty horizontal space very often but list mode doesn't give you enough information about each individual file. Stuck between a rock and a hard place so to speak.