Timestamps across FTP

So I create a file on my machien and it has a "Last Modified" timestamp of, say, 15:50. After uploading it via FTP to my server, it shows on the remote (Windows) server lister with a timestamp of 12:58.

If I remote desktop in to thats erver, I cans ee in Windows Explorer there that the timestamp is inf act 13:58.

My machine and the server are both on BST (GMT+1) but I cannot see how to get Opus to show the same time on both. It seems to be showing GMT (or UTC) for FTP listers regardless.


The FTP Address Book entry for each site allows you to turn on or off DST adjustment, and set the site's time zone if needed.

(The issue may also be on the server side. Check what another client displays if you're still having problems.)

Thank you. I swear I looked there!! I must be going doolally, sigh :frowning:

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