Timestamps and FTP

I've just started evaluating Directory Opus (v8.0.1.2) and so far I'm very impressed. I just wish I'd discovered it 5 years ago!

One thing I would like to use it for is to semi-automate the process of backing up digital photos from my local machine to an FTP site. The synchronize tool seems to do this just fine, with one exception: the timestamps.

If I copy a .jpg that was taken last week, and has a created date on my local PC of last week, the file on the FTP server has a Modified date of the time the copy finished.

I have "Preserve the timestamp of copied files" enabled in Preferences-File Operations-Copying(1) but it looks like this may only apply to local files. I'm not even sure if FTP has separate created/modified dates; the "Created" column can't be selected for viewing in the lister representing the FTP site.

Obviously I'd like to preserve the timestamp to retain chronological order (I am aware that there's date/time info embedded within the EXIF info in the image but I'd prefer not to depend on that).

Is there a way to achieve this?



Chances are the FTP server you're using doesn't support setting the timestamp on files, so there's not much you can do, at least at the Opus end.

You could always zip the files so the timestamps inside the zips are still correct but that's not much use if you want to know the timestamps while browsing the FTP site.

OK that's what I thought; the FTP server on the site I'm using does seem fairly limited.

It's only for backups though so I'm not too bothered.

Good point about the .zip files, I hadn't thought of that.



Hi Glen,

Yes unfortunately many FTP servers are derived from the initial Unix servers written shortly after they invented transistors and are very dumb. 'Modern' FTP servers such as Serv-U do fully support the MDTM command for setting the remove file dates on the server after copying the file. You can check what is happening by turning on the FTP Log in Preferences - FTP (or site) - Display - Log and Debug then you'll see exactly what is happening by looking at the FTP Log itself in the Output Window.

Encourage your server admin to update to a competent FTP server such as Serve-U which supports MDTM, Time zones, FEAT and all the current FTP standards.

_ Greg