[Tip] Windows 7 Jump List disapearing and CCleaner

Maybe a helpful tip for others.

For many months, my custom Jump List in DOpus 10 under Windows 7 kept randomly disappearing. I couldn't figure it out. I'd have to go back into Preferences and turn off(uncheck) "Commands", click Apply, Turn "Commands" back on, Hit Apply to make the Jump List come back.

I had no idea why this would happen randomly until I read Leo's post from a different topic.

It got me thinking that maybe CCleaner had something to do with cleaning this list, since it's not checked on each start. Sure enough, I ran CCleaner and my Jump List disappeared again! Good, I partially figured it out, I'm not going crazy! :wink:

Turns out, it's not CCleaner by it'self that does it. I added, CCleaner Enhancer, to give me more options to clean more stuff. Under the Applications tab -> Windows section, there is "Recent Items More*". This was the guy that was clearing out my Jump List each and every time!

I'm guessing this option is not checked by default, so it takes 3 things in order to mess yourself up :wink:

1.) Install CCleaner
2.) Install CCleaner Enhancer
3.) Check the option to clean "Recent Items More*"

I guess I did all 3 :laughing:

Anyway. Hope this helps someone else if they happen to keep randomly losing their Jump List entries!