Title bar in DOpus 10


after trying the DOpus 10 demo my DOpus 9 configuration has been loaded flawlessly, except for one detail: under DOpus 9 a double click on the title bar of a lister was reducing its size to the bar and another double click was restoring the old size. Now this provokes just the normal Windows behaviour of maximizing the lister.

I wasn't able to find the option in the preferences to turn it back manually. Where can I find it?


The "Pin and Zoom" functionality that was in Opus 9

is no longer available in Opus 10.

Regards, AB

You could use this freeware and open source application: palma.com.au/winroll/
(for help, see the WinRoll About screen)

I use WinRoll myself and it works great and uses almost no resources:

Thank you both for the information!

I did like the DOpus functionality, because it was zooming the title bar always to the size of the standard lister, which was quite small in my case. But WinRoll is a nice alternative. I'll try it!