Title failure

Using Win 7, on MP3s, DO Title fails to show the title shown by Explorer Title - example below.

Any ideas? Perhaps related to the fact that DO Columns > Music is missing Title?

Music Title is the column you want.

Thanks - that shows a second column called Title containing the true MP3 Title.

Looking more, I see quite a few of the columns have different names in different places, e.g.

May I ask: is there some reason for this? And for different columns having identical names, e.g. Title and Title?

The names when choosing columns are more specific so you can see exactly what you are choosing or have chosen (since there is no other context in the list of chosen columns that you've highlighted n orange).

In the lister, titles may be more brief so they take up less space, are less likely to be truncated, and look neater. The context of them should be obvious from what they display, and can be checked via the Folder Options dialog if really needed.

OK, but please consider that not showing the display names of the columns, and using non-standard names such as "Music title" for a field in a format that may not even contain music, does makes it more not less difficult for a new user to "see exactly what you are choosing".

Can I change those?

Except when they display nothing.

You should not expect Opus and Explorer to use the same names for everything, especially the hundreds of columns each program supports.

You presumably added the Documents > Title column, then found it didn't display anything for music files, then looked in the Music category but missed the Music Title column... I'm not sure this is really a fault with the program, to be blunt.

Sorry if I was unclear. I was not expecting consistency between DO and Explorer. Just hoping for consistency within DO.

Agreed. But my point was that the (Music) Title column likewise shows nothing for audio files yet to receive a title. Leaving no way to distinguish them on screen.

Is there some way to get single Title column showing the titles that show variously in the two Title columns here?