Title of FTP Windows

This could be either an enhancement request or a feature that I cannot find.

If I create an ftp session, the window title is always the IP address. However, when I connect to our host for admin tasks, I have four different logins for production, test, etc. all to the same IP address.

I would like the window title to be the same Site Name that I entered into the properties of the connection. That way I can keep straight what account I am logged into.

This add-in will (among other things) put the FTP bookmark name on folder tabs:

Not quite the same as changing the window's titlebar, but maybe better since you can then tell multiple tabs apart within the same window.

An add-in could also do something similar but set the window title instead of the tab title, but there isn't one which does exactly that already written, at least as far as I can remember.

I really need to have it in the window title so that I can see which window is which from taskbar. Can that be submitted as an enchantment request.

It looks like Tab-Labelizer can do this already. In the add-in's config dialog there is an EnableWindowTitleUpdate setting.