Titlebar Link open in "Other" lister

I would love if it were possible to right-click in one of the "hyperlinks" in the titlebar of a lister and see "Open in other lister" appear on the menu.


  1. open dual lister
  2. go to a directory maybe 4 or 5 lievels deep (e.g. c:\My Documents\My Music\Kiss\Alive-II
  3. hover over the "My Music" text/link in the titlebar of the lister
  4. right-click to bring up the context menu
  5. Click on "Open in other lister"

Then DOpus proceeds to leave the current lister/source as c:\My Documents\My Music\Kiss\Alive-II but opens c:\My Documents\My Music in the other open lister.

Pretty please? :slight_smile:

Shift LMB on the element within the path will open that section in a new lister.

Or edit the All folders filetype and add Go OPENINDUAL to the context menu.

Hmm.. I just tried both and neither are the solution I desire.

I want the link/element to open in the "other lister" in a dual (commander) configuration.

Change the command in the All Folders filetype to:


tanis wrote:
Change the command in the All Folders filetype to:


Thanks Tanis!

Just for completeness, what I did follows:

  1. Go to settings->file types
  2. Select the "All Folders" file type in "Directory Opus Filetypes"
  3. Click the EDIT button in the bottom of the preferences window
  4. Click on the Context Menu tab
  5. Click NEW
  6. Fill in the name you want used for the context menu-item (I used "Open in Destination Lister").
  7. Select type = Run as an Opus Function
  8. Select GO from the "commands" button
  9. Select OPENINDEST/S from the "arguments" button
Click ok..

Now when you right click on a directory, you see the menuitem "Open in Destination Lister".

Thanks again Tanis.