To add CD/DVD Management System!

Because I have many CDs/DVDs include many software,movie,music and misc files.
I burn separately software,music,movie in correspond to their own CDs/DVDs and
I write number on every CD/DVD.

And I'm using CDsurf and trying to use other software to manage them.
But these softwares's function still couldn't satisfy my require,especially in exporting
CDs/DVDs content gathered and link with database and exporting file type kind is a
few and last I couldn't to organize some the same kind files that burned in different
I think this is a useful feature if it can be builded in Opus in the future.

I think this sort of idea has come up on the forums (and recently) several times in separate threads... and since you mention that you've tried other things that have not met your needs, you might want to strike up some dialog about what exact features you would find useful that other products did not provide. One thread started over here, but didn't generate too many comments:

[url]Disk Cataloging feature]

Before I post new topic ,I have searched by using "CD", keyword.
But the foum gave me "Nothing is found " reply.
Until now ,the forum still cannot find my thread,how do yo think?

The search page seems to ignore words less than 3 letters long. "DVD" works but "CD", "if", and so on, return no results.