Toggle File display toolbar / Tab bar / Filter bar


Is there any way to save Layout without File display toolbar & Tab bar & Filter bar? I always have them turned on, but I would like to have specialized listers without any useless toolbars, just list of files.

I attached a screenshot of what I mean. Would be nice to have clean lister layout to launch mp3-files, etc.

BTW: It would be super to have customized id tag fields, to store eg. last played information (in this case for recorded radio shows). Now I save it to "genre" tag, which isn't the best place.

Damn! I wrote that question with my another account (darxide)! I don't even know why I have another account. Logged in by mistake...

Anyway, I am registered user, so priority support please :wink:

Not currently. If those three things are configured to be displayed then they will be displayed in all listers.

Maybe you could use the OnOpenLister event to adjust the configuration for a specific layout?

Regards, AB

Leo: Thanks for info. Maybe some day... :slight_smile:

aussieboykie: Hmm. I keep that in mind, but currently my scripting skills does not allow me to do things like that :smiley:

Scripting wouldn't help here, as far as I can think.