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Toggle labels

Is it possible to toggle a label with a single button?

I found a similar topic from a year ago.
Leo replied it would be looked into, but I could not find if it was ever implemented or how to do it if it was.

It doesn't seem so. At least there is no suitable sub command in the SET command section.

You could use a 3 way button with:

LMB: Properties SETLABEL=<label name>
RMB: Properties SETLABEL=!reset

+1 for this request. I would like to make F7 toggle selected files Green, ie. if a file has no label, make it Green; if it has a label, reset it.

I'm amazed something this simple is impossible in DOpus 11 :frowning:

Opus 11.15.4 introduces a SETLABELTOGGLE argument for toggling labels. e.g. Properties SETLABEL=Bold SETLABELTOGGLE

That's awesome - love your work guys! :thumbsup: