Toggling between Styles

I would like to know whether there is a Raw Command that allows toggling between the available Styles, eg Commander, Dual Horizontal, Dual Vertical, Single, Images?

You can only make hotkeys which:

  • Activate a particular style.
  • Go back to the previous style.

Buttons and menus can also:

  • Show a list of styles to choose from.

There's no command to cycle through multiple styles as far as I know.

What are you actually trying to do? If you want to cycle view modes or certain other settings then you can do that, just not via styles.

Thank you for the reply.

What I am trying to do is as follows. eg I assign a shortcut (Alt V), I start in Commander style/view, press Alt V, I move to Dual Horizontal, Vertical Horizontal etc each time I press the Alt V shortcut.

What I am seeking my be possible, I just may be using the wrong terminology being new to Opus...

No, as Leo said, that's currently not possible.

What you can do is toggle dual-display mode:

Set DUAL=Toggle,Source

Or cycle through view modes:

Set VIEW=Cycle,LargeIcons,List,Details,Tiles,Thumbnails