Toggling Label Display

Hi, and great work on version 12 !!!

I, like many folks, have a fairly sophisticated file and folder labeling system in place, which has grown over the years, and is extremely helpful... most of the time.

Age of files, size of folders, you name it; I'm sure you've seen it all.

My query (and I've tried finding a solution) regards no labels or formatting; let me explain:

There are times when all the bold, italic, underlined, green, red, brown file and folder names just plain get in the way.

What I am in search of is the ability to disable the cosmetic display of the labels.

I'm not necessarily looking to disable labels, but essentially just turning off the cosmetics of the labels displayed in a lister to get a clear, raw, basic black & white glance at the folder and files being displayed in a uniform format.

Perhaps a command to place in a custom button?
Perhaps it might toggle sticky, that is, the effect is reset ON when changing folders, or the effect follows the user in an OFF state.
Perhaps the Label field/column could still display the name value of the file/folder label, but is cosmetics are in an OFF state, it would simply reflect the name value in "black/white" indicating to the user that there would be formatting if cosmetics were toggled back ON.
Perhaps this is already doable, and I just never found it.

Anyway... hope you consider my thoughts,

Thanks for all you've done

The closest I can think of is that Set ENABLELABELFILTER=my_filter,toggle can toggle specific, named wildcard and filter labels.

That won't affect labels which have been explicitly applied to individual files, but if all the colors and so on are coming from a small number of filter labels or similar, then it might be a solution.

Thanks for the quick feedback.
Your suggestion is helpful in some specific operations, but I'm hoping the Opus team will consider this as a future enhancement.
I'm looking for something along the lines of
where the system default is True, but can be user toggled to temporarily turn all cosmetics off globally.
Something akin to turning off the cosmetics for the folder tree that currently exists in the Prefs, only more completely.