Toggling shrunken find panel

I have "Automatically shrink panel" set in the find utility panel, which works fine. While it's shrunk and then closed if you open it again it's still in the shrunken mode. If you close it again and open again the second time 'round it will then open in full mode. Can this be fixed so it doesn't require two close and opens to return to the full mode?

This happens in DO11 and DO12.

Another option that would be useful is to include an option to automatically close panel after the search completes.

Command used to open panel:

Set UTILITY=Find,Toggle


Said another way, I wish that once I've executed a Find operation with 'Automatically shrink panel' then shrinking the panel, that a subsequent hotkey press that runs the command above (Set UTILITY=Find,Toggle) UN-shrinks the utility panel rather than closes it... I very often get tripped up when wanting to perform repeat Find operations because of this, where I otherwise very much like the shrink feature.

So I would say I agree with either approach that yonder has suggested to achieve the sort of 'behavior' I think we both want:

1.) make it work like asked (possibly with a new function argument so it only affects us that want it this way - perhaps an UNSHRINK arg that will override the usual behavior of TOGGLE in a command like 'Set UTILITY=Find,Toggle,Unshrink', so that if the panel is OPEN and SHRUNK, it will UNSHRINK the panel rather than toggling it OFF, and ignored altogether if the panel isn't even currently open).
2. add an 'Automatically CLOSE panel' option that would sort of achieve the same thing (albeit, we would no longer have a shrunken panel at the bottom of the lister after a Find operation - but I think those of us asking for this sort of change just like to rely on hotkey presses anyway to call up or dismiss the panel - while still liking it to "go away" after doing it's job).

Current plan is for 12.0.12 to make Set UTILITY expand the shrunken panel by default (assuming the panel ends up visible), and add a NoExpand parameter for the rare case where someone doesn't want it to be expanded when they turn it on or set it to a page.

After a bit more thrashing out the consequences of changing things, it'll be slightly different by default, and basically exactly what you've asked for.

By default, the first toggle from a shrunken state will close the panel (as before). Another toggle will then open it, expanded (so two keypresses instead of four, to get the panel expanded again).

You'll also be able to add an "Expand" parameter which changes what happens on the first keypress, making it expand the panel instead of closing it. (So, from a shrunken panel, one keypress to expand it, and two to close it, instead of vice versa).

Commands which explicitly turn on a panel (rather than toggling it), will expand by default, but you can use NoExpand to prevent it if you want to for some reason.

I think that covers all the bases, and hopefully avoids any unwanted changes, while not requiring any toolbar/command changes to get reasonable behaviour in all situations, while also allowing command changes should anyone want something very specific.

If adding Expand explicitly, you may also want to add Focus, e.g. Set UTILITY=find,toggle,expand,focus would always give you an expanded find panel with the keyboard focus on it, unless it already had the focus in which case it would close the panel.

TamAYto, tomAHto... Unshrink, expand :slight_smile:

Sounds super to me... thanks alot for the rapid consideration!

@yonder, hope I supplemented rather than hijacked.

I found that the command "Find" will unshrink/expand the find panel, only downside is it does not auto focus and select text of the search text field. I have F3 bound to toggle the find panel and key sequence Ecs, F3 to run "Find" to expand the panel if open and shrunk. Perhaps this will be a solution for you steje, Esc and F3 keys are somewhat close to each other so it's quick and easy.

Many thanks for fixing find panel toggle devs, Cheers.

Ahh of course I didn't even see leo's last post before I just posted.

Making Find expand & set focus is another thing I did while looking at this.