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Tool bar button commands for tab groups

I have about 10 projects to multitask between. Each has different directories for requirements, design, code, data, release, etc. So I want for each project two tab groups, one for each of the two file display areas. And for each project I want a custom button with an icon of the project. I have these parts now.
What is missing is that when pressing the button with the right mouse I want the two file display areas to be set to the matching tab groups. I suppose that can be done with the tool bar button commands in the advanced settings dialog, but it is not clear what the actual command and syntax should be.

Please provide a sample button command to do this.

The easiest way is to save tab groups that cover both file displays at once (you can do this since Opus 10.5), and then just use the Go TABGROUPLIST to put a list of all your tab groups on the toolbar.

If you want to make the buttons individually then the command to load a single tab group is like this:

Go TABGROUPLOAD="Your Tab Group"

Works great! Thanks!

Hey Leo,

How can we implement the Go TABGROUPLOAD="Your Tab Group"?
Is it a script or something else? Tried to search it on Dopus pages, but I didn't understand what the GO things were.

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