Toolbar above File Lister

I asked about this 2 or 3 years ago for Opus 11 and it still doesn't seem to work in Opus 12. Is there any way to add a toolbar above the file lister which is the same width as the file lister? I can do exactly that at the bottom of the lister but not at the top, which is a bit odd.

The File Display Toolbar is exactly that. Or do you mean in addition to that toolbar?

Yes, I've already populated that toolbar with some stuff but want to add another above it that is only the width of the file lister. As you know, you can drag and add any toolbar you like at the bottom of the lister.

Understood, and makes sense. At the moment we only support one toolbar in that position. We may expand that in the future, but probably not the very near future.

Thanks, hopefully it can be added in future, as I said, I did ask about this over 2 years ago... :wink:

Just to make it completely clear what I'm talking about.

I originally asked about this in 2014 for v11 and then again in 2016 for v12, and was told it might be added in future.Any news on if this is going to be implemented, and if so, when that might be.

It's not something we are planning to do soon, at least. We haven't had any other requests for it.

That's a shame, I think this limitation is a massive oversight, you can add multiple toolbars to the left, right and even bottom of the file lister display, so why not the top??

A point often made by the developers is that feature requests are more likely to be prioritised if the requestor's account is linked.

Sounds like that wouldn't make the slightest difference because I'm the only person that has requested it, as mentioned above. But, no harm in linking anyway, so I've done that.

Somebody else did agree it is a good idea but I suspect that doesn't officially count as a request.

It's certainly an interesting idea. Is there a particular use case that underpins this? I ask as someone who (almost) never has the tree panel displayed which could explain why it has not made it on to my radar.

In my particular case, it would be a drive toolbar, but obviously, the sky's the limit in putting what you want into a toolbar. I have a number of fixed and removable drives and a NAS, the drive buttons on my toolbar would fit perfectly above the lister. The image in the post above was a rather crude mockup but accurate in how it would be used.

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll add this in the next update.


I support Roycoms request! The more flexible toolbar setup, the better.
I would just like to add, that giving more flexibility to File Display Toolbar would be very nice. Like letting the user put more bars there (and of course the ability to change button background colors), this could be useful for the likes of me and Roycom also, who use the tree (i never use the tree). And enabling the FDT to be displayed on the bottom too. I wanted to request this for a long time but i think it fits this topic.

Thank you!

It's already being done for the next update. :slight_smile:

You can already change the FDB Toolbar colors in Preferences. Not sure if that is what you mean. Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / File display border - Source, and so on.

Yay more FDB toolbars!
Yes i can change text colors but not text background colors. FDB buttons do not display background no matter what color i set up. For example having buttons with same black text but different back colors, on a grey FDB toolbar.