Toolbar Button Label State off?


please see the screen shot.

What must I do to turn off the label text 'My Computer' and only the icon will be shown? I don't want to do this for all buttons in the toolbar.

-> I want to see the icon + label text of the drive buttons, but needn't the label text for 'My Computer'. Currently I can set label state off for all but the label text only to right/left/above/bottom/default - but not to off.

'Unselect' of 'Show label' does not help! The icon + label text will be shown.

How to do?


In the Customize dialog, set the Label State to Default. Then the Label State in the individual buttons will be used.

IMO the way this works at the moment isn't very intuitive. I think the individual buttons should always be what defines their look and the overrides in Customize should be changed into tools that, as a one-off operation, change all the individual buttons' settings within the selected toolbar.