Toolbar button to change open tabs

Would it be possible to have a set of toolbar buttons that could open and close tabs in a group? For example toolbar button A would have three folders open in tabs. Button B would have four folders open in tabs. Clicking button A would open all of the folders displayed by A and likewise clicking the B button would open all the folders assigned to B. Ideally they would be set up as press to select and press to release that way you could have both selected at once.
Another feature would be to remember the last folder open so that clicking on button A would open all three tabs at the location they were when closed.

Or rather than opening and closing tabs could the buttons simply hide the tabs? Is that possible?



You can use a command like Go TABGROUPLOAD "My Tab Group" TABCLOSEALL=no to load a specific tab group.

The tabs will be created as they were when the tab group was last saved. Any folder changes would then be temporary and not affect what happens the next time the button is pushed.

I think you could do exactly what you want using scripting, but it would be non-trivial as the script would have to keep track of folder changes and store the details. Not impossible, but more than a few lines of script code.