Toolbar CLOSE *this

From the Help file...

[quote]Example: Toolbar CLOSE *this

Makes the command apply to the current toolbar. When used from a toolbar button, the Toolbar command will apply to the toolbar the button is contained within.[/quote]
This command does not work from a toolbar button if the toolbar is opened as LOCAL.

Regards, AB

You need to specify LOCAL If you want it to close a toolbar that was opened with LOCAL:

Toolbar CLOSE name=*this LOCAL

(Same is true whether or not "*this" is used as the name.)

Thanks. Maybe I am missing something here but I'm struggling to see why there is a distinction. :question:

A toolbar is identified by its name, whether opened locally or globally and as far as I can see it's not possible to have the same toolbar opened both globally and locally, so there is no possibility of confusion when executing Toolbar CLOSE Some_Toolbar_Name.

Regards, AB

All "*this" does is turn into the name of the current toolbar. It doesn't add other arguments to the command.

Maybe it could be changed to not need the LOCAL arg.


Yes, understood. I initially came across this with a Toolbar CLOSE *this button but the same applies to Toolbar CLOSE Menu or Toolbar CLOSE Operations or any Toolbar CLOSE operation. It's not a big issue, just an apparent anomaly.

Regards, AB