Toolbar doesn't autohide

This was brought up once before, but I don't recall seeing a reply.

I've got a toolbar that contains several menus and buttons that I use to launch various programs. I dock this toolbar to the bottom of my screen. (the task bar is docked on the top) I've got it set to Auto-hide, which works most of the time. Often, when I run a program from the toolbar, however, the toolbar doesn't auto-hide. I have to click on it, then click elsewhere to get it to hide.

When I've tried it docked to the side of the screen it seems to work as it should, however I don't really like it there, so I haven't given it a lot of time.

I've also got it set to "Keep on Top/Top-level." It acts the same whether locked or not.

I'm wondering if anyone else is having similar problems or can at least substantiate this. Thanks!


Hi Bill,

I have the same anoying problem with my Auto Hidden toolbar. I just wont auto hide and i have to click the desktop or a program to make it dissappear. I believe this behaviour only presents it self when two or more toolbars are crossed. In my situation i have a toolbar that is placed onto the windows tasksbar on the bottom of the screen and i have a auto hidden toolbar on the left of the screen.

i have contacted GP Software about this but for some reason (yes i am a registered user) the dont repond to my support requests.

Also the sticky behaviour of the menus are changed in version 8 and i am everything but happy with that also.
Futhermore i tried version 8.1 but that release is very unstable, i have had 15 crashes in 2 hours of testing.

Result is that i reinstalled version 6 and all is working fine now. I will again contact GP for the last time and if that doenst help i will call for a refund.

John van der Sluis

What changed regarding the sticky menu behaviour in Opus 8?

Was it only 8.1 that you found unstable, while 8.0 worked fine? Not sure why that would be, and I haven't heard anyone else with similar problems. I would try doing a clean install of 8.1 (i.e. uninstall the previous version, then install 8.1 and don't install directly over the top of Opus 6, just in case).

I just want to add that I have two computers with the same problem (not auto hiding) and none of the toolbars are "crossed". On one computer the toolbar is more advanced with sub-menus and on the other there are mainly buttons.

I have to unselect and then select auto-hide to get it to work sometimes. (RMB on the toolbar itself)

Other settings on the toolbar are:
No Frame
Auto-Hide (obviously)
Lock position
Keep on top -> Top level

Both computers are runnins Win XP Sp-1 and Dopus

Aha.....It got better in rls 8011.

I now only have to hover the mouse over the toolbar that doesn't want to autohide and then it does. I dont have to click it anymore to autohide! Its getting better.